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    Slide to Unlock Frozen


      I've had my Nookcolor since February of 2010.  Recently I have notice that on several occasions when I wake my nook up the slide to unlock is unresponsive.  What gives?  I don't know why but it just will not move.  If I leave it alone for 10 minutes or shut it down then it will start to work again.


      Anyone else having this issue?

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          My daughter and I are both having this issue - frustrating...

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            I have heard that temperature changes (the Nook screen is cold) can effect the ability of the touch screen to work.  This also applies to high humidity conditions.


            I know that my hands are very dry and don't always work well on the touch screens so maybe that has something to do with your problem also.  (years ago my kids had a series of workbooks that used a touch stylus to indicate the correct answer, it buzzed when touching the right answer - my kids with their very moist fingers could cause the stylus to buzz, I could not make it buzz ever - no conductivity due to dryness)

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                This product was clearly rushed to market before it was ready.  We are kind of placeholders for B&N so that we won't go to Kindle-Amazon.  Look touch screen technology is so old that it should have no flaws in it.  A trained arctic seal should be able to unlock these screens with his cold flippers.


                Thousands of people on the web are complaining about these touch screens.  My Nook arrived with its back not even fully attached correctly.  But I was so excited I overlooked the flaw.  Then within weeks the screen became non-responsive. I let the 90 day warranty lapse. Oh and by the way I have the Nook basic not the color.  Its interesting even the color Nook has same problem.   


                I took my Nook that I could no unlock and I brought it to my B&N store.  I explained the problem.  The fella  took the Nook, gave it a light flick and it unlocked!  I felt like an idiot because of course that's when the thing decided to cooperate. 


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                Yes, me too. Although I wouldn't say what I'm experiencing is freezing exactly. Occasionally, my swipe to unlock doesn't move the bar. I will rub my finger on something fabric and swipe again. The bar then unlocks my NC. Rarely that won't do the trick and then I wipe the screen, try again, success. I have not had to turn off/on.



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                  when that happens try to press and hold the home key and the power buttom at the same time for 15 secs if doesnt work try to plug it to the computer