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    Nook Color "Book Spotlight" Problem

      Hi all!

      Friday afternoon i noticed that James Patterson's "Wtiches and Wizards" was on spotlight for 99 cents. I jumped at the oppourtunity to purchase the book and... i found a glitch on my nook color. I tapped on the picture of the book and the "details" screen outline popped up, only the outer edge showed, all of the text and what not was missing, then it expanded to the size of the nc screen, blinked, and sent me back to the shop home page. I tried to resolve it many times, but gave up and just selected the "buy now" arrow, which let me purchase the book without the details screen. The only problem is that i did not get the advertised price. I still payed the $7+ for the book. I contacted BN support via email and explained what happened and recieved a response with some mumbo jumbo about there being no way for accidental purchase. 

      So much help that was.

      Anyway, has any one else experienced this goof? Did you fix it? 


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          According to Jeremy on the Nook Blog, a new spotlight is now featured every two weeks.  About Wednesday or so the new Spotlight became Child 44 and it is the one feature as the 99 cent deal now.  Unfortunately once the spotlight is up I don't think you can get the special deal anymore.   Sorry for the bad news.

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            This exact same thing happened to me with the same book! The price advertised on my Nook Color screen was 99 cents, but the bill as $7.99. I sent an email and received the same lame response as you. I called customer service at 1-800-THE-BOOK and explained the situation. After several transfers, they told me I would be refunded the difference (which they did). I asked how I could be assured this wouldn't happen again. Their response ... don't purchase on your nook, always go on to their website on your computer and purchase. Hmm...not a very good answer. I really, really love my Nook, and am glad they satisfactorily resolved my issue. Just hope it doesn't happen again. I've read numerous posts where others have had this same problem.

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              This book still shows as 99¢ on my Nook Color.