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    Battery icon stuck at 18%

      About 10 days ago, my battery would indicate it was charging, even though I didn't have it plugged in. This lasted for 2 days, then it showed a charge of 18%. For the last week, no matter how much I use it, nor when it charges completely (going from amber to green) it indicates 18% charged.


      I have had it for less than a month (Christmas gift). Also, a different issue, but I downloaded a set of four books (just under 2,000 pages) and when I let it go to sleep, once awake, that page would be blank. No amount of paging forward or backward would show the words on that page (although the page number would show up on the bottom of the page). I just started going back a few pages and bookmarking a different page, thus being able to pick up where I left off. I assume the set is just too big?


      Anyway, the battery issue is more of a concern to me. I've powered down to see if that would help, but nothing. I do notice that when the charger is amber, it isn't full amber. Kind of yellowish on one side and amber/orange on the other. Don't know if that means anything.

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          try to unregister register the nook if it doesnot work do a hard reset

          To Hard Reset NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color

          1.      Hold the power button down until NOOK Color is powered off, ignoring the "Power off" prompt.


          2.      After Your NOOK is powered off hold the "NOOK Home Key" down then simultaneously hold down the "Power" button, release the buttons immediately after the “Read Forever” logo disappears. 


          3.      If successful, a grey NOOK Logo will appear and the screen will refresh momentarily and flash yellow. A prompt will appear asking if you would like to perform a “Factory Reset,” Tap the "NOOK Home key" to confirm. Tap the "Home key" again to begin the process.


          4.      After a few minutes your device will reset and re-install all necessary software. Once completed, you will have to register the device again.