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    Nook color frozen, power button won't respond

      I have had my nook color for 13 months now. I loved it until its one year birthday. Two weeks ago, I plugged my charger in and the end that plugs into the nook started sizzling and melted. Was told by nook support that it was over a year old, So I went and bought a brand new cord. In the last two weeks my nook has frozen a few times on the start up screen, but I let it sit for a while plugged in and it worked. Now today, it froze while I was shopping for a new book. The power button will not respond, when you push it it feels like there is nothing underneath to respond and I have left it alone and plugged in for a few hours but the screen is still frozen in the shop mode. I called barnes and noble and again was told they could not help me because it was over a year old.

      So here I am, upset, because I am a serious reader and getting ready to turn from a nook fan to a kindle fan.

      Any Ideas, please help.

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          if it doesnot come up try to press and hold the power buttom and the home at the same time if you can go to settings then try to unregister register the nook if it doesnot work try to do a hard reset on the nook

          To Hard Reset NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color

          1.      Hold the power button down until NOOK Color is powered off, ignoring the "Power off" prompt.


          2.      After Your NOOK is powered off hold the "NOOK Home Key" down then simultaneously hold down the "Power" button, release the buttons immediately after the “Read Forever” logo disappears. 


          3.      If successful, a grey NOOK Logo will appear and the screen will refresh momentarily and flash yellow. A prompt will appear asking if you would like to perform a “Factory Reset,” Tap the "NOOK Home key" to confirm. Tap the "Home key" again to begin the process.


          4.      After a few minutes your device will reset and re-install all necessary software. Once completed, you will have to register the device again.

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            by the way i dont recommend you the kindle trust me :smileywink: