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    Transfer book from Sony Reader to Nook Color

      I have a Sony Reader PRS-950. I have purchased my Nook Color and would like to include a book from my Sony to my Nook. The file is epub. How do I transfer it, since I have attempted and it was blocked because of DRM.

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          Hi, Introspective, although I do not have a Sony Reader (I have the NC) I have downloaded ebooks from the Sony store to the Sony Reader Library. I usually just go to the folder where the file is located and sideload to the NC.



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              Introspective, I have the same situation as Vinnyc--no Sony e-reader, but many Sony books sideloaded onto my NC.


              I saw this was your first post, so I thought I would give you some more detailed instructions.  If you already know all this side-loading stuff, forgive the redundancy. 


              I use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to sideload titles from the Sony Reader Store.  If you don't have ADE on your computer and don't have your NC registered with ADE, I would suggest that you do that first.  ADE is a free download.  Once it is installed  and opened on your computer and your NC is rconnected to the computer, ADE should recognize the NC automatically.  At that point, ADE will simply ask if you want to register the device.  Once you register, you should see the NOOK listed on the left of the ADE window.


              I open the Sony Reader Store from my computer to buy new a new title.  When I download the new title, the epub file is sent to My Documents\My Books\ReaderLibrary (that's the default location I think).  I open ADE and drag the new epub file from My Documents\My Books\ReaderLibrary into the ADE library pane (right side of window).  I close ADE and connect my NC to the computer.  I reopen ADE and make sure my NC is recognized (listed on the left).  Then I sideload the new Sony title by dragging the title from the ADE library list (right pane of ADE window) to the NOOK icon (for me the bottom of the list in the left pane of ADE window).  Before you disconnect your NC from the computer, be sure to EJECT your NOOK (in My Computer on your PC, the NOOK will show up as a new drive) and your SD card if you have one (the SD card will also show up as a drive in My Computer) .


              If the books are DRMed, you will not get cover art, no matter how you sideload.  The sideloaded book will appear in your NC library with a "generic" grey cover showing the title of the book.


              I really love that the NOOK has always given me access to books from so many sources.  Happy reading!