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    Nook friends don't match

      I have had the color nook for a while, and as I am adding new friends who got nooks for christmas, I am noticing my nook friends lists are not matching...the barnes and noble onlne site has all my friends, but my nook (nook friends) app only lists about 5 of them, yet when I go to contacts, some of the others are listed there, some twice, and if I tick the box that says add nook friend it says they are already a friend. Why is this not synching up? It's driving me nuts!



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          Same with me.   Only about 20 are showing on my NC but 200 showing in my B&N My Nook account.  I have had my NC for a year now and the Friend app has never worked properly.   And now I have several new friend requests in my inbox but when I go to approve, the app tells me I have (0) friend requests!  I am afraid they will never have this app working properly!