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    white screen over internet

      nook color, new12.25.11, internet works normal Sunday.

      Monday, internets loads page as normal yet it appears as though a white page is placed in front of screen.

      You cannot see the page.

      At the top of the screen the progress bar is there and the address bar too.

      In fact, on MSN.com you get a peek of the top edge of the page content indicating the page has loaded.

      Tried many sites.

      Tried powering off on back on.

      Looked at security settings , there are still none.

      Tuesday, problem persists.


      What's going on here ?

      How do I undo this page cover up ? 

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          go to settings - wireless tap on your network and tap on forget then power off the nook and rset the router if possible when the router is completely on power up the nook again and connect to your network once more time that should work :smileyvery-happy:

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              Good day.


              I followed all the steps but the Nook Browser still does not work.  I ask my husband for help.  He checked the router connection and everything is working just fine.  All the other laptops and computers from my house are connected and presenting no problem.


              His guess is that there is something wrong with the Nook OS or the Nook browser.


              I repeat, i followed all the steps and the blank screen still appears in front of the brower.


              Do you have another way to resolve this issue with the Nook?