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    Nook Color is acting strange (Freezing, crashing, etc.)

      I got a Nook Color this past Christmas and it was wonderful the first day that I used it. However, after I powered it off for the first time, it's been acting weird. The screen gets all shaky and unresponsive. I can't select or tap anything, as if it won't respond to my touch. However, it often will bring other things up and select them itself, as if a hundred fingers are touching it at once. When I try to exit, it will just bring it up again and flip the pages like mad in my books, causing me to lose my place. I have to turn it off by holding down the power button until it shuts off on its own, without selecting the power off option because it won't allow me to do that. It's getting really frustrating. I can't use my apps or read my books with out my device freaking out like this. What's wrong with it? It's great and I love it, so I won't to fix this issue as soon as possible.

      NOOK Color  

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          My only stab in the dark at this one would be to ask if you fully charged it after you got it?

          Outside of that, sounds like it could be a legitimate hardware defect of some kind and I'd take it to the nearest B&N store, or contact tech support online, and get it replaced under warranty.

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            It sounds like issues some report with a dirty screen. Have you tried cleaning the screen with a slightly dampened wash cloth? It's worth a try. Good luck and report back.

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              It's EXACTLY what happens to me. I've gotten it for Christmas, so I really was happy, buuuuuut I didn't want the problems to ruin it...

              I've had to turn the thing off and on almost all the time today. Today!

              I wiped the screen clean with a clean microfiber cloth, and am still working it (gingerly) and hoping it won't do it again.

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                I'm wondering if you could have gotten a virus on the Nook?  Or if it might be downloading something when it is frozen and then plays catch up with all the actions that you may have tried while it was frozen once it gets unstuck.

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                  I had a similar problem today. My NC kept turning on, but I couldn't bring up a book page, download email, or even shut it off. I did notice that my SD card notification was "checking" the card integrity (not sure that was the word). So I hot pulled the card and was able to shut off the NC.


                  It restarted fine w/o the SD card (only Evernote complained) and I was able to navigate the screens, open books and surf.


                  I reformatted the SD card on PC (after backing up my stuff) and reinserted it (NC powered off). Started it back up and all is OK so far. Evernote had to redownload my stuff, but that was it.

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                    No, I don't think it's a virus of any sort :/ It didn't really start doing this until the first time I turned it off. A lot of the time that this happens, it's out of nowhere. I could just be reading or something and nothing else, and it completely flips out for no reason. It's doing it less often than when I first got it, but it's still enough to be annoying.

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                      try to unregister register the nook if donot work try to do a hard reset

                      To Hard Reset NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color

                      1.      Hold the power button down until NOOK Color is powered off, ignoring the "Power off" prompt.


                      2.      After Your NOOK is powered off hold the "NOOK Home Key" down then simultaneously hold down the "Power" button, release the buttons immediately after the “Read Forever” logo disappears. 


                      3.      If successful, a grey NOOK Logo will appear and the screen will refresh momentarily and flash yellow. A prompt will appear asking if you would like to perform a “Factory Reset,” Tap the "NOOK Home key" to confirm. Tap the "Home key" again to begin the process.


                      4.      After a few minutes your device will reset and re-install all necessary software. Once completed, you will have to register the device again.