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    NOOKfriends  disappear?

      I  just  looked  at  my  nookfreinds  on  my  NC,  what  happened?   I  lost  over  100  of  my  NOOKIES!  Just   disappeared  over night.   :-(

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          > I just looked at my nookfreinds on my NC, what happened? I lost over 100 of my NOOKIES! Just disappeared over night. :-( <


          Oh, no!  Perhaps they were abducted by aliens?  :smileysurprised:


          - Mark


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              thank    heavens  it  wasn't  all  of  them,   However    would   still  like  to  know,  How  and   why  they  may  have   disappeared...

              Like  some  of  the  ones   who    disappeared   were  my   neighbors  and   mu   relatives.   Kinda  weird.


              In  Fact  last   week,   My nook   went  Bezerk  for  a  short   while,  Scrolling  thru  apps, books pages, and  etc.  It  may  have  been  abducted by  aliens.:smileytongue: