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    Looping pages?

      Recently I've been having issues with my NC "looping" itself around three or four pages. Started just occasionally, and no seems to happen every 10-15 pages or so. What I mean by looping is that I get stuck with the same 3-4 pages, get to the end of say page 4, and I'm looped back to page 1. I can swipe back through to page 4, but again, will return to 1. My only way out is to use the page turner at the bottom, manually get as close to page 4, say page 7, then try to swipe backward from there. Unfortunately no matter how long I try, I can't get completely back and am missing at least two pages every time. Driving me insane!!! I'm not rooted, have no extra cards installed etc...just a regular NC...help!!!
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          This happens on a particular book or all books? Try giving the touch screen a nice wipe down to clean off any possible smudges and such. If still a problem, perhaps a hard shut down and turn on will help.


          Good luck.



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            I have had this same problem, I have found that when it happens if I just perform a full shutdown (not just putting it to sleep) and rebooting has solved my problem. 


            I hope this helps.

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              I've been having the same problem with one book. I will be reading along, and then suddenly, the book will loop back about 4 or 5 page, and it will just keep doing that.


              I fixed this issue by completly shutting down my nookColor and "rebooting" it. The book doesn't loop anymore, but there is a problem that has been plauging it since I downloaded the book.


              For this book, when I go to the appendix, it shuts the reader program down. I can't view the appendix at all. I can view it on the nook for PC program, but not on my nookColor. I can't figure that one out.