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    WiFi disabled or no internet connection

      When I bought my NC 4.5 months ago, it connected to my router immediately and held the connection.  Books and magazines downloaded quickly. 


      I am currently running version 1.3 and have an N2A card.  For the past month, my WiFi connections have been extremely spotty at best.  I had to leave WiFi on for 30-45 minutes in order to download a single book on the standard OS.  WiFi connections on N2A were somewhat better, but not wonderful. 


      Yesterday, while attempting to download an app onto my N2A card, my NOOK (showing about 40% battery life) died.  WiFi connection had been very spotty and downloading had stalled several times.


      I tried to resuscitate my NC by charging it completely.  Although it seemed to be charging, I could not get it to wake up.  When the charger cord showed green, I tried, again unsuccessfully, to wake it; then I took it to my local B&N.  After several attempts at the store, it turned on and showed 85% battery life.


      Last night, I WiFi would connect, but could not get an internet connection at all.  Today, I cannot maintain a WiFi connection for more than 3 seconds.  I have unplugged router and modem, disabled firewalls, turned my NC off and back on, and forgotten and then reinstalled my network router. 


      In both standard OS and on N2A, WiFi turns on recognizes my home network, attempts to obtain IP address, attempts to connect, and then WiFi says disconnected.  Sometimes my home network shows "not in range" (I'm three feet from the router!); sometimes it says secured and remembered.  When it rescans, it will sometimes connect to my network for 2-3 seconds, but suddenly WiFi is "disconnected."


      I have a D-Link DIR -615 router and am using a connection secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK.


      CS says they will send me a refurbished NC which is fine, but not if the device is not the problem. 


      Are there other things that I should try before getting a new NC and having to download and sideload all my content again?


      Sorry for the length of this, but I do need help!