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    Can't complete registration wizard on Nook Colors

      I purchased a refurbished Nook Color from Buy.Com and I cannot complete the registration wizard.  Everytime I put in my account information and select submit it tells me it is an invalid password.


      A bit of back story.  I also own a ViewSonic Gtablet Android 2.2 and had the Nook for Android app loaded and working with my account.  The Gtab developed a problem with the power connector on the motherboard and I needed to send it back for repair.  About this time I upgraded my cell to a Samsun Galaxy S Captivate (the original not the new S II).  I installed all the same apps from my Gtab onto the new phone including the Nook for Android app and had them all working so I had everything in place for while my Gtab was off to the shop.


      Then this week I bought the refurbed NC and tried to set it up and couldn't get past the account information.  Naturally I called the Tech Support number among the numerous things the rep had me do, after I told him about having the working app on my phone was have me log out on the phone and log back in.  When I did I could log in on the phone either!  Same error message, Invalid Password.  He had me do a goodly number of things and the final resolution (or so it seemed) was to create a totally new account via the B & N website.  Oh, yes I forgot to mention that when I couldn't log in because of the Invalid Password error, I even tried creating a new account via the App and Via the device and got the same error both times Invalid Password.  I am able to log in easily via the website.  Well I created a new account and sure enought the NC logged in to the new account and so did the App, unfortunately there were none of my books on the new account.  No, problem, says my rep you can have the books moved to the new account but it will take a while.  It was getting quite late and I asked him if I could call back the next day and get the books transferred.  He said yes he had documented what we had done and all I had to do was tell them I needed to move the books to a new account and why.


      Next day I did so and it actually took about 45 minutes of mostly hold time but we got the books transferred and this rep told me I needed to unresgister my other Nooks (I own 3 Orginal Nooks and another Nook Color).  The good news is that the 3 original Nooks de-registered and re-registered into the new account just fine.  The bad news is that the Nook Color I already owned and which had been working just fine with the old account is now locked out also.  After I de-registered it and the setup wizard started I cannot get past the account info screen.  Once again it gives me Invalid Password.  On top of that the refurbed NC ahd powered down and when I turned it on it went through a Factory Reset by itself and I was stuck on that one as well. with the Invalid Password error.


      I am of the opinion that it may have to do with the Foryo interface at B & Ns servers since the original Nooks which run on Eclair have no problem logging in or out of system.  Oh and on a side note my first Nook Color is one of the very first and the OS embedded in it's ROM is 1.00.  I was hoping that the problem lay in the 1.30 firmware, so I used the 8 interrupted boot trick to force the embedded rom to load, but no good, I still cannot get past the Invalid Password.


      I am a little loath to go back to the 800 # again because I'm not sure they can do anything but as it stands I have 2 expensive paperweights on my hands and I want to get them back in working order.  Has anyone here had this problem and if so have they fixed it? 


      Help Please!