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    Quote Sharing Length Limit?

      I came across a quote in a book I bought from B&N on my Nook Color and I wanted to share it with a friend.  First, I tested the feature by "selecting" it, then I selected "share with contact" and used myself as the contact.  Well, the Nook promptly mailed the quote I selected to my address and all seemed well, BUT...the quote that I got on the email was shorter by 50 words than the quote I had highlighted.  I tried this several times and the same result each time -- somehow, the quote got shortened each time. 


      Is there some internal limit on how many words you can share with someone?  This happened to be a single paragraph, not more than 1/4 a page, but the Nook kept truncating it. 


      I tried looking this up in the manual, but no mention of a word limitation except for quotes shared in Twitter, which I understand.  But this was just an email.


      What gives? 



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          I've been meaning to ask about this as well. I tried sharing via FB and only got the first 38 characters of 67 highlighted in my Nook Color. I tried another time and got a truncated result so I shortened the highlight in NC and uploaded and got all 78 characters. I've not tried since then and that was probably 4 months ago. 


          Is there a limit?