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    can I delete library book titles?

      I love my NC, and I love the option to check out library books. I would like to be able to clean up my expired book titles so I am not having to page through all the names of unavailable books. Do you know a way to remove these. I have tried to do it within ADE, but it has no affect on the NC.

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          You can clean them off yoor Nook, but unfortunately it requires attaching your Nook to your PC.  Then, just open the digital editions folder on your nook and delete the files.  


          Would be nice if we could do it on the nook w/o hooking up to PC...but not yet!

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            I have tried this, but I can't seem to find a delete option in ADE. I know I have been able to delete files previously from the PC. Am I missing something obvious? If I right click on a title, it pulls up some settings options, but none are delete. If I click the options menu at bottom of ADE, it only gives me bookshelf options. I can't seem to find anthing else to try.