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    ADE No Permission To Copy SOLVED

      I was adding a new book to my Nook Color using ADE but got that horrid error message. I've always been able to transfer books using ADE so I automatically thought the new 3.1 Nook update was the culprit. I downgraded to 1.1 and tried again but still got the error message. After hours of playing around with my files, I solved the problem.


      Now this is where my mistake was: I downloaded the book to my desktop and immediately added it to ADE. Then I REMOVED it from desktop and added it to another folder (because I like to have my files organized). Then I tried to transfer the book to Nook using ADE and got the error message. So I realized that after I import books to ADE, I MUST KEEP THEM IN THE LOCATION WHERE IT WAS ORIGINALLY.


      So I moved the book from my desktop to my desired destination and THEN added it to ADE. Next, I was able to sucessfully transfer it to NC. I hope this wasn't confusing and instead helpful to anyone having this problem.