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    What is your erotic fantasy?

      Is your erotic fantasy seducing other mens wives?

      Or a wife seduced by stranger(s)?

      If so, my new series "Tenth Commandment - coveting other mens wives" might be to your liking. There are currently seven e-books published with this theme, feedback and purchases have been very positive. These are not just 'slam-bang, thank you maam' stories. Great care is taken in developing characters, story and the sex is graphic. My target audience is the connoisseur of erotica.

      The latest, "Tease and Seduce" is about a wife who enjoys teasing other men with no intention of going further. But when she crosses paths with an anti-hero (who may be a charming sociopath) and who knows how to get what he wants, fantasies become real. This one even has a bit of romance and even a happy ending, as do all my books..

      Readers familiar with Kansas City or Sprint Corp will find this especially interesting.
      - DL Davito

      Tease and Seduce