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    Browser downloads - Opens, but Fails on Details

      I have run across another head scratcher with respect to Browser downloaded files.


      Browsing around and finding a PDF of some report or instructions.

      Touch/click to download it.

      Arrows show the download -

      Touch to open - works fine -


      Can find it in the My Files / My Nook / My Downloads.

      Touch/click to open and read.


      If I would like to add it to My Shelf for easy access.... now it gets interesting.

      Normally, a Touch/Hold with bring up a Menu with:

          Read - View Details - Add to Home - Add to Shelf


      However, after downloading a file, it is NOT immediately avail for this menu,

      until after a hard restart vs a sleep restart...

      or maybe just getting a different download will fix the "recent" download.


      ie - Touch/Hold on a "recent" download yields an error message;

      "Failed to obtain the item details"

      All the other My Downloads files open and display the Menu just fine.