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    Newspaper not downloading says preorder

      I often have trouble downloading newspapers when I'm traveling (in this case New York Times).  I have to find an internet connection but it often does not do everything needed in time.  Or I just can't make it work no matter how much time I have.  I have learned to turn the Nook on and off.  I've learned to use the refresh button.  Today I was finally able to get something using the bag of tricks I've learned but it says Preorder in a ribbon across it!  It was late morning by then.  What does that mean?  Of course when you click on it you only get two choices "Recommend" or "Subscribed" (which is greyed out).  How are you supposed to get it?  What is the point of having this e-newspapers if you can't get them easily when you travel?  Why don't they send an e-mail with tips and tricks when you order a newspaper so that people know how to get their downloads when they have problems. 

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          Try archiving the current subcription and then unarchiving it.

          Hold finger over the subscription ion question.  Second menu pops up, select Archive

          Go to My Shelves and you'll see the subscription under Archived.  Hold your finger on that and select Unarchive as the second menu pop up.  Go back into Magazines or Newspapers and it should be downloading.  If not, try selecting the refresh button.

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            This happened to me today and one other time. Check the space on each nook you own. My other nook, a NC was low on memory. I had to fix that issue first. Then archive the newspaper issue that says preorder. Then power off/on the nook. Go to your library and press the refresh symbol in the lower left. Wait for it to stop spinning. Then unarchive the issue. The issue then had New on it and Download as well. Click it and it downloaded ok for me. I had three newspapers in this condition and had to do this for each newspaper. What a painful bug.