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    A couple of problems with my nook

      I bought my nook color in February and Im having difficulties with it. 


      1. When I plug in my nook, the charger sounds like its..Powering up? When it does this the green light comes on and then fades to black. The orange charging light never comes on. It takes several tries to get it to start charging. This is one of two plugs that I have always used so I don't know why I am having problems now.


      2. Nook isn't holding a charge like it used to. When I first got it, I only had to charge it once or so a week. Now I have to charge it almost after every use. Settings are all still the same with the exception of number of books.


      3. Sometimes it takes me several tries to get a book past the loading screen. There is one book that will not open at all even though its been downloaded to the nook.


      4. Nook is having problems downloading books. 4 of my 5 most recent downloads have the problems loading page pop up every time I try to download them. I have powered down my nook several times and that is not helping. 


      And just recently I had my nook turn a book back to page 1 on its own. I cleaned it and shifted my grip on the nook but it still turned the pages back instead of forward. I powered it down and then back up and that seemed to fix it. Any thoughts on what that could be?


      I love my nook but I am becoming increasingly frustrated by these things. Separate they are minor issues but as you can see...5 issues tends to add up to major irritation! Any suggestions on how to fix these other than getting a new nook or calling the dreaded "S" word?