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    Books not available for Nook but you wished they were

      Does anyone have a wish list of books that are currently not available for Nook? I know that you can request the books to be released for the Nook but I've yet to see that come to frutition. I was also kind of interested to see what if any other books people might be wishing to read.


      For me I have a few.


      Firstly, The Once and Future King by T.H. White, The Book of Merlyn I can get but not this one.


      Secondly, The East of Eden trilogy by Harry Harrison, another one where I can get some of the authors other works but not these ones.


      Lastly(as I can't think of more at this moment in time) is any Top Cow comics. I already mentioned this on thier official message boards so we'll see what comes of that.


      Feel free to add if you wish.