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    Nook Color Bookmark Issues

      Here's the scenario....


      Reading a book.  Maybe its contents have chapters, maybe they don't.  Anyway, I bookmark the beginning of chapters or things I want to go back to.  Let's say I bookmark page 10, 20, 30, and 40.  Then I realized I don't need those any longer, so I clear them.  Then I bookmark pages 60, 80, and 100, stopping reading on page 105.


      So then I leave the book, maybe read another book for a bit, then come back to the book with all the bookmarks.  Opens to the cover, not where I stopped reading.  Really annoying.  But, okay, I've been adding bookmarks!  So I open up the bookmarks and there they are for pages 10, 20, 30, and 40 -- the ones I deleted and none of the newer ones.


      I've sent this in to B&N technical "support" and they spewed back to me a default cut-and-paste, catch-all answer of "turn your Nook off and back on."  Yah, right.  So I decided to humor them and try it.  Still happens, as I knew it would.  So now I know to never contact B&N technical "support" because they haven't a clue.


      No rhyme or reason to it.  Sometimes they work and hold.  Sometimes they don't.  Just spent 15 minutes trying to find where I left off in this one book because it had bookmarks for pages 46 and 86 and I know I was somewhere in the 200s when I left off.


      Workaround: a Post-It note inside the cover of the case where I can leave a note of where I stopped.  Stupid, I know, but it works better than the Nook's bookmarking feature.