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    Are Others Having This Problem?

      I love my NC and this is in no way one of those annoying bashes against the product, I just have seen a growing incident of public domain titles not downloading/ opening.  So many at this point that I have over 200 archived books after trying everything under the sun to open them.  I can imagine with public domain titles that there are some that are just duds, but it seems books that used to open now do not and I am wondering if there is something I can do that I am not thinking of.

      I will preface this with...

      Ive archived /unarchived, restarted, reset, unregistered/reregistered.  I do not think it is a NC problem at all, these books are all google books that I have downloaded from the shop, but its becoming more and more common that I have to download two or three different versions of the same title before I get one that works.  And I understand these are free books, but I was just wondering if anyone else was having this issue.