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    [NC]: Screen timeout bug (v1.2)


      When the NC is in sleep mode and you press either the power button or the home button, the screen comes alive for a few seconds (about five, I think) for the user to drag the "button" to the right make the NC "active".  This is how it should be for all "awakening" events


      However, when the USB power cable is plugged or unplugged (or power is added/dropped at the "A" connector end), the screen comes alive, and stays alive for the duration of the normal (user-set) screen timeout, which can be several minutes.  This results in unnecessary (and unanticipated) battery drain.

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          This is something I also noticed. I also have wondered why when any nook is off completely, if you plug it in it turns on. I assume it means it only ccharges when it is on, but it seems odd. Then, I noticed that plugging or unplugging kind of woke it up, but only to the screen prompting you to wake it up which stays on unlike when you hit the n or power button. It should go black just as quickly as when you hit a button and don't wake it. Thanks for confirming this.