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    Issue with headphone jack?

      I have had my Nook since December, but today was the first day I tried to use headphones (I purchase a new pair for my Nook yesterday).  When plugging them in, only one speaker worked when the jack was fully pushed in.  If I pulled it out a bit, both speakers worked, but if wiggled the cord at all both speakers were cutting in and out.  I called Barnes and Noble cusomer support, and, I hate to sound like I am ranting, but was told the only thing I can do is bring it in to Barnes and Noble and test with their "test" speakers.  Well, fine and dandy, I live 199 miles, or 3 hours and 46 minutes away from the nearest Barnes and Noble!  What am I supposed to do!!


      (I would like to add that I tried my daughter's headphones, and they did the same thing)

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          If both headphones work on another piece of equipment, and neither work on the NC then it's looking like the NC has  a problem, unless both headphones are the same model from the same manunfacturer.  Maybe you could do overnight shipping to the nearest store and ask them to follow-up?  Or, if there's an electronics repair shop nearby maybe they can help convince B&N to just ship you another NC?


          I'd start by searching the web for people having similar problems.  Maybe if you can show it's a common problem B&N customer service will be more proactive.



          Good luck.  Your situation sucks.