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    Read in Store expiring immediately on Nook Color

      I've been having some issues with the Read In Store feature on my Nook Color, which is a bummer because it's one of the main selling points that pushed me towards the Nook. The odd thing is that I can't find *anyone* who's having the same difficulties, either store associates or online.

      Sometimes when I try to read a book in store, either when the loading process starts, or after it finishes and the book opens up, the book will immediately kick me out and tell me my reading time for that book for today has expired - even though I *just* opened it and haven't read it in over 24 hours. I'd say this happens between 30%-50% of the time I try to read a book in store. And since it's so sporadic, I can't figure out exactly what produces it.

      Some observations:


      • It's never happened on a brand new book. I only see this when resuming a book I've already started.
      • It seems to happen more frequently at a store when you start the book at a *different* B&N. I have one right next to my work, and one right next to my house, so I do alternate between 2 different locations. If I open a new book at Store A, wait several days, then try to read it at Store B, the chances of it happening are higher. But then sometimes it works. It's so sporadic that I can't figure out exactly what's going on!
      • It's happened on both the 1.1 and 1.2 (currently on 1.2) update; I haven't noticed any change in frequency based on which version of the software I'm on.I've tried Google, taking it into a store, and calling the support number. No luck.
      • Tried factory resets several times (including with a store associate who was on the phone with the store's - not individual - B&N Technical Support) and couldn't fix the issue. 

      Does anyone else have a solution, or the same problem?


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          A search of forums would show you are not alone.


          And don't think it is a Nook issue but B&N inability to have a stable web platform.

          As many problems across their web-site. From Book delivery to credit card charges and book lending.


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            It's not you; it's B&N's amatuerish implementation.  Back in May, I had a local B&N store employee open a formal problem on my behalf documenting this bug, but I never heard anything from B&N about it, and it's not fixed.  Although I can't review their source code, as a senior software engineer with a few decades experience, I've fixed enough sloppy code written by contractors and just plain bad programmers, that I pretty much know what's wrong without even looking at their code.  It's a pretty easy fix, too, given the simplicity of the funtionality, so I've concluded that one (or more) of the following is true: 1) the person on the phone who was supposed to open a problem didn't bother; or 2) B&N doesn't have any professional software developers on staff who can debug and fix a relatively straighforward problem; or 3) B&N already has our $200-300 for the device so they don't really care about us beyond that point.   


            At some random point, their servers will crash or something, and you'll be able to use RIS again on a book that you opened before.  Between these random occurences, however, you will be able to use Read In-Store only one time per book.  And *don't* disconnect from wireless during the reading session, either.  This will cause the book to immediately expire (forever or until it accidently resets).


            And just to confirm that my problem is the same as yours, here's how it works.  

            1) You select a book that you have read on a previous day.  Click on the "Read" button.

            2) Download screen appears.  Green progress bar completes.  "READ" button becomes active.

            3) Click "READ".  Your-session-has-expired-hope-you-enjoyed-it-etc. screen immediately appears.

            4) Try again to load the book and you get a problem-downloading-check-with-support popup screen.

            5) Try one more time, and the download screen is simply inactive--no progress bar and the "READ" button remains inactive.


            I experimented over several weeks with this problem, recording and tracking each book, including some that the local store employees experimented with on my device.  Some I kept open for only a few seconds, some for the whole hour.  I'll admit that I was probably more interested in figuring out what was wrong than in actually reading the books (some of which I'd already read), but at this point, when I can pretty much see how to fix the problem without knowing thing-one about their implementation (except that it's not well-written) the whole thing makes me very nervous.  If they can't get this really-very-simple function working correctly, how secure is our personal--and financial--information?  



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              I'm having a similar -- but bigger -- problem on my Nook Tablet. I cannot open and read ANYTHING in the store. I used to, and a few months ago, I started having trouble. I called the "800-THE-BOOK" number (as recommended by a 'Nook person' at B&N) numerous times, explaining and going thru steps as instructed by them, to no avail. They finally replaced my Tablet with a brand new one and now I have the same problem with that!!!  I think they have a "glich" they had better figure out pretty soom, because we are starting to communicate with each other!  I'm still going back-and-forth with the 800 number.