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    How to properly sell your Comic-book/Graphic-novel/Manga on B&N NOOK market

      Real Interface Studios comic book creator


      This is a SERVICE OFFER to help any self-publishing comic book creator/artist. 

      Our Studio has sold over a thousand copies of our comic books on the NOOK and other markets like the Kindle since we first launched our titles April 2011... 

      If you need help or would simply like to avoid going through the Trial & Errors of properly and effectively publishing your comics/graphic-novels in Barnes & Noble's digital market, these are what we can offer you: 

      1) Format your comic pages specifically for each mobile Device  


      -  Comics are infamous of not being read properly in mobile e-reader devices due to sizing issues. Resulting in very negative reviews on titles because your customers can't read what they've paid for properly . 


      -   ePub is the standard format for delivering e-book content into mobile devices, but it's originally meant for TEXT* type novels. 


      -   ePub coding structure does not allow for comic pages to automatically resize effeciently, especially on the NOOK devices. 


      -   NOOK devices (color/classic/new) will not let you "pinch-zoom" to magnify comic pages in ePub format like the way it does on text-novels.  


      -   It's required to know the perfect Settings in resolution/coding to make sure your comic pages display to fill the NOOK Color's screen perfectly and with very little margin space. 


      -   It's required to know the perfect Settings to make sure your comic pages does *Not display cut-off when viewed in the smaller screen of the NOOK classic & New device versions. 

      2) B&N PubIt!  Product/Title Listing Setup GUIDE 


      -   Keyword Tags, Description info panel, Pricing, etc... all have been made easy by BN PubIt!'s team for authors, but properly tweaking them will give you more advantages in search ranking. 


      3) Publishing in other Comic-book market venues online 


      -   We love Barnes & Noble for giving us a great way to start and compete with more established and often larger comicbook Publishers but there is NO REASON to stop here...  


      -   Online markets that allow comic books to be read on "Desktop" have been around much longer than e-reader devices have been around. And they are ones you can't afford to exclude! 


      -   Our existing network contacts will spare you the time of having to look for the right departments to approach.  


      -   All required formatting options available for these markets are met.   


      4) Affordable customized "flash-animated" website for your Comic Book title 


      -   If you don't have one already, marketing your book especially for online digital distribution requires one as soon as possible.  


      -  Comics are highly rich in graphics, so having great visual aids will only help make your comics look appealing to potential readers. 


      -  Having a website will allow visitors to pay and read your comics right on the website for a more secure way of selling without worry of piracy. 

      -  Your website can also sell merchandise related to your comics to compliment your income! 


      -  Social networks are a must and will be integrated with your website.

      IF you're interested, >* Contact Us *< online and we can set up the best time to discuss the details by phone or video meeting by Skype.



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