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    battery charging time - how long

      many folks have asked about how long the FIRST charge takes.  I'd like to know how long to charge the battery when it gets down to about 30%  

      it has been mentioned that the charge light does not turn green until long after the charge is actually completed so "how long is too long" to leave it connected?

      thanks for the help.

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          I don't know how long it takes to charge, since I usually charge mine overnight.  However, you can leave it plugged in as long as you like.  There is built in over-charge protection, so the battery will not be damaged by just leaving it plugged in.  Mine gets plugged in when I go to bed, but it just stays that way until I next use it, which during a busy work-week is sometimes a couple of days.

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            I seem to remember reading on some of the nookcolor bumpf that it takes approx 3 hours to fully charge and as long as you are using the official cable there is overcharge protection so leaving it longer should have no adverse effects.