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    Public library download directly to Nook Color

      I have installed Overdrive on Nook Color.  I can download free books from Overdrive in ePub format directly to Nook Color.  However, when I check out (download) a book from my public library, it is downloaded in acsm format which requires me to go to my computer and download it through Adobe Digital Editions. 


      We travel a lot and I thought I would be able to leave my laptop at home.


      Any suggestions?

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          I belive that having Overdrive installed implies that you can install Aldiko as well, that you have access to the Android market? 


          If so, try copying in an ACSM file to your NC and opening with Aldiko.  Over the weekend I learned that this works for some public library books. 


          (When you install Aldiko, eject any SD cards in your NC.  Once it's installed, put the SD card back in.  I don't know why, but Aldiko won't install with an SD card in the slot.) 

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              I do not have access to Android Market.  I can download Aldiko from Aldiko site through Nook Color web access.  If I try to install with either App Installer or Package Installer I get a message which say my Android phone (?) is blocking Android Apps not from Market.  If I go to the Market, I am told that my account does not have an Android phone associated with it.


              The download/installation of Overdrive is quite a mystery since I got all those same messages.  Suddenly it was installed.  Another big mystery is why I can download the uncopyrighted ePubs, but on acsm of checked out current books.


              Ahhh, technology.


              Any more tips would be appreciated.