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    Deleting from the WishList


      When I buy a book from my wish list, it simply changes to "Purchased" and remains on the wishlist whereas it should be removed. There seems to be no way I can delete it. Anyone have any ideas?


      1. I've turned it off and then on.


      2. I've tried to access the wishlist from Nook for the PC but there's no access to it.


      3. I've tried to look at the wishlist from the B&N website but this seems to be a different wishlist. Incidently, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove a book from this wishlist either.


      Eric Johnson

        • This may help

          If this is a Nook Simple Touch then this will work completly. If not then it may be different for you.

          But what you do is go to the Main home. NOT shop.


          Home --> Settings--> Shop--> Clear Wishlist.


          Now please please keep in mind it will DELETE EVERYTHING ON YOUR NOOK WISHLIST.

          So if you haven't purchased something you really want. Either perhaps buy it, write it down, or add it to your online B&N account wishlist so you can delete it later off that one.


          Hope this has helped ya'll. Happy New Year!