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    Will BN price-match Amazon on book?

      Amazon currently has First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones listed at $2.99. This is a St. Martin's Press ebook so not an Agency publisher (I think), but I was wondering if BN has any plans to get the same sort of deal from SMP that Amazon did.  I would love to purchase this ebook.

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          St. Martin's is a Macmillan publisher, which is an Agency Model publishing house. The Amazon page says, "This price was set by the publisher".


          To answer your question, B&N has repeatedly said that they don't price-match. At the same time, they often do just happen to match after a discrepancy is called to their attention.


          BN.com doesn't do much over the weekend. Check back tomorrow and see if the price has been updated.


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            St. Martin's is an agency publisher (oops, saw that it was already pointed out). I did a quick search and that book is listed as $7.99 at every bookseller except Amazon, so it looks like it may be Amazon's mistake.