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    Chocolate Lenin by Graham Diamond

      This new novel is receiving excellent reviews all over. I think it's worth a look.


      Jacqueline Lichtenberg review of Chocolate Lenin--5 STARS

      One of the strangest books you'll ever read, May 17, 2012
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      (VINE VOICE)
      This review is from: Chocolate Lenin: A Novel (Paperback)
      It's very hard to categorize this book, which is part of its ridiculous charm.

      If you know all about the historical figure Lenin and his relationship to Stalin, and at least some of how Russia came to be what it is today, and if you take all that reality-history seriously, this book could well keep you in stitches all night.

      This is a novel that requires the reader to have some depth of context to understand and appreciate how it's a take-off on our current reality. If you've never heard of Lenin, this just isn't going to get to you the same way.

      We argue and even rage over political matters, but make no progress. That may well be because we just can't laugh at ourselves hard enough to gain perspective. This novel might restore perspective and let some progress be made.

      Chocolate Lenin postulates a "what-if" of the typical science fiction novel - what if someone cloned Lenin? What if the clone woke up and started walking around, being spotted, reported....

      What if those who funded the project had their delusions of power-grabbing thwarted by a scientist who taunted them by stealing all the research data and scattering it to the winds, creating a puzzle it would take a super-genius to solve?

      I can just imagine how much fun Graham Diamond had writing this book!