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    memory card

      Can someone help me to understand about memory cards?  I have been using my NC since last year and I love it.  I have not added a memory card yet. But now I am having problems with the screen going black.  Could it be I need a memory card?  The only thing I have found in the manual is where the card goes.  Thankyou.

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          A memory card is just that - extra removable memory. To see if you need more memory (and probably you don't) go to settings and device info.  The graph will show you the amount of memory you have left - like 95% or something like that.


          Are you updated to 1.2? Some apps need a memory card to function correctly however.

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              I am updated.  I have more than 3G of memory left so I didn't think I needed a memory card.


              Would using the application "Pulse" which is a newsreader require more short term memory and a memory card perhaps?   I have been able to use this app with no problems on the three occassions I used it since installing it.   


              My problem is that after I finish reading the news articles on Pulse and try to read a book or magazine in my library the nc goes blank.  I then click the "n" and the screen lights up with my password page but as soon as I enter password the magazine cover flashes and the screen goes black again.  Would this be indicitive of low cache memory?  (I have little knowledge of how this stuff works, obviously.


              Thanks again for assistance.

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                  It appears that the developers are encouraged to put their files on the SD card and leave the Nook Color's memory for the ebpub books. These cards are very cheap compared to their prices 2 years ago. This method makes some maintenance much easier.