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    NOOKcolor shop not available?

      I've had my NOOKcolor for all of four days. On day 1 I was able to make a shop purchase, but since sideloading the 1.2 update, the only shop page I can access is the home. Clicking anything else brings me to a "Sorry, No Results Found" page and the grey spinning wheel in the upper right-hand corner. I know I'm connected to wifi and can access the internet with no problem.


      Is there a way to uninstall the 1.2 update? Seems like that may have been the catalyst, and it's not like I can download apps now anyway...or is something else going on?


      Thanks so much!

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          I had the same problem without doing the update (mine already had it loaded when I brought it home).


          Connected to the store the first day - haven't been able to get past the home page since. Hard to buy new ebooks that way. :smileysad:

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            OK, from another post I just shut my nook down all the way (held in the power button) and when I powered it back up I could get to the store just fine.


            Hope it works for you! :smileyhappy:

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              I've had my Nook color for about 36 hours. I also had the same issue reported in this thread:


              The Store says nothing is available. I tried to check out Apps, but nothing would come up. AFter reading this thread, I did the hard reboot -- held the power button down until the device shutdown, and then held the power button again until the device restarted.


              Now the Store and App sections work. I also can view the various departments in the store, which I couldn't do before.


              Is this an issue I'll have to deal with from time to time with the Nook Color? If so, I'll return this thing before my 14-days are up. I have no interest in fighting a device every day just so I can browse the store and purchase things.