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    Will wifi work at BN store after reset issues?

            Unfortunately my NC was affected by this whole reset issue. I was playing Angry birds at the time and since that game was behaving oddly anyways I thought it was my fault the NC has reset. I waited and tried multiple times for it to reregister, to no avail. I keep getting that error message about my network error, even though my internet is working just fine and with plenty of connectivity. So as I was reading these forums I have come across every type of suggestion to get the NC working. I was wondering about one particular thing I havent tried, but dont really want to waste my time doing tonight if it hasnt worked for a couple of people.


      I read we can get our NC reregistered at the store? Yeah I know everything is gonna be gone but my books should show up and I would be a happy camper with my books. So PLEASE if anyone else has had any luck with this please let me know.