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    Anyone else having trouble Shopping?

      Yesterday morning I sideloaded the 1.2 update. Seemed to be working fine. Downloaded a few apps and a couple more sample books. Then all afternoon yesterday and all day today I haven't been able to access anything but the Shop Home. I can't get to any of the books or magazines, nor the app lists. Trying to decide if it's due to volume or something at the BN side or if it's local to my NC.

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          I can't find an active link anywhere to download even a free app! How did you do it?

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            I am having a similar issue now too.  I side-loaded version 1.2 the other day and then bought Angry Birds, which still won't after numerous attempts at installing it (even tried archiving the app and then un-archiving it as the Nook suggests to do).  Today I was able to download a new app, install and use it with no issues - that is until i tried to purchase another new app, and when that failed I tried to shop for a new book to no avail.


            B&N and the developers need to fix these bugs and issues fast because I know there are others like myself who are rapidly losing their patience, especially after the update (with the ability to download apps) was so late in coming out.

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              Signed up just to say I also have the same issue you describe.


              Did a sideload to v1.2 on Monday. Prior to the load, my Nook Color was working fine.


              After the update for most of the day Monday, all was fine. I could download my books, browse the B&N store, browse Apps, and surf the web.


              On Tuesday, the Nook Color would no longer browse the store nor let me browse apps. I often just got a spinning animation in the upper right corner, or I would get a "service unavailable" error. I was on my Wifi just fine and could even browse the Web just fine with no issues, but I could not shop. Downloading the rest of my books/magazines was fraught with retries and slow downloads.


              I chalked it up to the storefront being slow.


              But today, I find out my other Nook is working fine, and friends of mine are having no issues with their updated Nook Colors. I even went to the store wifi and experienced the same problem. I'm connected to various Wifi networks just fine and can still browse the web like nothing is wrong. But the shopping experience is just not loading anything for me.


              I have not purchased or installed any apps yet, just browsed.

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                Yep! I'm trying to checkout and I can only get so far into it and no more checkout buttons. I even got on my imac computer to try to complete it and it's the same. Also there are no hyper links on the graphics for "buy now". I'm a web designer and this site is a mess. They need to make it easier for folks to purchase what they want. I even called the 1-800# and it seems there not in. Must be there spring break.  This is so frustrating.

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                  I can get the first page of the B&N shop.  I couldn't even get to see details of a book. "Service Unavailable".  Clicking on the "see all" for the lil' App Store blurb got me the framework of the App Store (along w/ its own Grey Spinning Wheel of Doom) and then the koan "A Problem Occurred. Sorry, a problem has occurred - please try again. If you continue to receive this error, please visit http://nookcolor.com/support for help." And a lotta good that's gonna do!


                  This process, which took all of 2 minutes, dropped my battery level down three per cent. That is not good.

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                    Also having problem shopping or accessing the app store after the update.  Fortunately, I'm not having the WiFi issue that many are...I'm able to connect to the internet and surf via browser but can't make it past the shop home page when trying to shop.  I get the dreaded "Having Connection Problems? We're having trouble with your connection.  Go to Settings-Wireless and connect to a different Wi-Fi hotspot.  If you continue to receive this error, please visit www.nookcolor.com/support for help.  Useless advice...not having WiFi connection issues...having BN Shopping issues...also no access to Social apps...can't register Friends for Nookbook sharing either....


                    Any suggestions?

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                      Also having trouble shopping.  I get the "service not available" message too.  VERY disgusting!  I've only had my nook color a few weeks and I'm wondering if I made a mistake in purchasing it. :smileysad:

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                          I've had mine since Dec.1 and about an hour ago was the FIRST problem I've had with my NC.  There was some problem, but it's been resolved for most everyone, it sounds like.


                          Have you tried again recently?


                          I don't have the update, so that's not to blame in my case.


                          Lots of threads about this glitch out there in the various areas here.



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                            I had this problem too yesterday when i first updated my nook! I just shut it completely off for like 15 seconds and it worked great when i turned it back on!! Have u tried to do that at all?? I downloaded about 20 apps.. the first 10 downloaded great! Then i think i ran out of money on y gift card and i got an error.. and now the other 10 apps wont finish installing! They r all the free ones too cuz i was able to cancel the ones that got errors!! On the bn website in account the errored ones say canceled but all the others say purchased but not shipped.. they say they are downloaded wen i go into the library on website!!! I dont kno wut to do!!! Please someone helllppp!!
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                            I seem to have used another 2% of my battery charge using the wifi for 3 minutes to check up on  the B and N NC shop. The shop's front page has missing image placeholders for some books but not others.  Loading the multi-paneled previews on the upper portion took quite a lot longer than it used to, before 1.2.0. Clicking on the info for those coverless books shows the gray generic cover for the title.


                            The App store preview on the front page has a missing placeholder for the first game, and no matter where I touch I can only see what I guess are the "Top 10" apps and no others.  The "See All" link doesn't work for me. 


                            My touchscreen seems hypersensitive ( to the point where if I just hover over something, it gets activated) on the home screen, pages turn slower on the reader.

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                              Still unable to shop for anything or browse the details of a book from the Shop Home. I can browse the internet and do everything else but can't seem to get past the Shop Home.

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                                Performed a reset of my NC yesterday (Saturday) and it allowed me to access the various shopping pages without getting the service not available error. After browsing and attempting to download a couple more apps the error returned. What's more as anticipated the reset removed all my books from the device. The problem now is that since the shopping error has returned, there seems to be a problem getting some of the books I already own to download for reading.


                                I can access the few books I have been able to re-download, the files I have on my SD card, and browse the internet without issue. I've tried powering down and restarting.


                                VERY FRUSTRATING!

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                                  I purchased my Nook on line when they were on sale at Thanksgiving time, never received until just before Christmas.  I have purchased a total of 11 books again online, have only been able to read 1/2 of a book since.  I have had to take my Nook back to the store several times!  It has "locked up" where you can't do anything with it.  Two times they have told me it needed the "new updates".  I took it in one week ago because I was unable to download the books that I purchased, and it was showing some of the books in the library with 2-3 copies of each.  When I went into the store they fixed that after almost an hour.

                                  Today I tried to download again, and am unable to, so AGAIN I will have to go to the store and wait forever to get the problem fixed.

                                  I am sorry I even purchased this!  Makes me wonder if the Kindle is any better.  Or better yet, just buy paperback.  I am ready to permanently fix it with a HAMMER!!