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    Overdrive question...

      Evening all,


      Question: I've just installed ADE and put a library book on my NC. I have also returned the book to the library. So far, it's still on my NC and readable. Will it continue to be so? Or will it be unreadable in the morning? I know I have to remove the file manually, but I'm confused about how accessing the thing will continue to work. Will it become unreadable next time I connect to ADE?



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          The times that I've returned a book to the library before taking it off my nook....it has only worked for the time that I had it checked out for in the first place (that time can differ by library) or the next time I connect to ADE.


          A good rule of thumb.....don't return a library book early unless you are really done reading it.   


           Another nice rule of thumb is to return it as soon as you are done though...since so many library ebooks have waiting lists and the next person in line gets their chance.!