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    Tales of the Red Panda Smashwords Sale

      Not sure if I'm allowed to post a sale for another site here, but I was excited for this deal (all of Gregg Taylor's books are high on my "to read" list) and thought others might want to check out these books also:


      If you like classic golden-age pulpy super heroics in the vein of the Shadow and the Green Hornet, Gregg Taylor's Red Panda is likely your kind of character.  The three "Tales of the Red Panda" ebooks ("The Crime Cabal," "The Mind Master" and "The Android Assassins") still currently sell at $8.95 on B&N, but can be picked up directly from Smashwords for $4.95 each.  As a special incentive, if you purchase "The Android Assassins" from Smashwords before April 30, and enter the code FM44L at checkout, you can get it for only $0.99. 



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          These look interesting.  Has anyone out there read them?  If yes...did you like them?  Are they also suitable for kids 9 years old and up?  If no, are there "adult scenes" and foul language?


          I'd like to pick them up and share them with my daughter...but need to be careful about it.

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              I am reading "Android Assassins"right now. There is no foul language or adult scenes. Gregg Taylor writes the Red Panda (both the books and the audio drama series they're based on) with an all-ages audience in mind. He doesn't make things too kiddie for adults nor too adult for kids. My kids (ages 6-10) and I all love the Red Panda. A good style comparison might be the early Stan Lee Marvel comics or the current Atomic Robo comics, but these are novels, not comics. I hope that helps. If you're on the fence, you might want to check out the audio drama series first, to see if you like the characters. The series currently has 80 episodes (all available for free) at http://decoderringtheatre.com I'd recommend checking out some early episodes first, since the current storyline may be a little confusing for newcomers.