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    wireless and facebook troubles with nook color

      I have always been able to post comments, likes and status updates on my Nook color but now I can't.  I can click on other pages, shrink and enlarge the page but when I try to comment it will not post.  I get nothing!  I try to "like" something and I get a page that has something in the url www.facebook.com/ajax. I go to "older posts" at the bottom of the page and it just jumps right back up to the top.

      Also everytime my nook goes to sleep my wireless turns off and I have to go into the settings turn it off then back on for it to reconnect.

      HELP! It has never acted like this until about a week ago.

      Lisa C

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          There have been a lot of problems with replying to messages.  There are many threads you can read about this. Do a search at top of forum screen.


          When the nook acts goofy sometimes you have to power off and power on again.  See if this helps.


          As far as wifi, sometimes you have to give it time to connect before pages load properly or you will get weird messages.  Did you try changing the time out screen.  I have mine set to 5 minutes and usually don't have any interruptions. Do you have any other devices connected to your wifi? Do they work?  I don't know why it would shut off.  Once you set it to on, it should stay on. 


          Hope this helps.

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              Yes I have several other devices on my wifi.  Usually I just click on a link and it will open but here lataely I have to physically go into the settings, turn it off then back on.  It shows the wifi but lists it as out of range even though it was on 5 min before! 

              As for facebook it is frustating.  I don't understand why it just recently started doing this.

              Thanks for the tip on timing out.  I reset mine to 5 min hope that helps.


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                  Sorrry it took me so long to reply back. Just wondering if ur problem has resolved. I know there have been a lot of posts regarding wifi issues and u may have to adjust those settings for example mac filtering and the type of securiyy ur particular wifi hajas. This can be tricky if ur not sure what ur doing. I usually recommend contacting CS for ur router. There r pretty good at getting ur other devices connected.