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    Can't access nook from computers

      In the past I have added files to my nook by connecting it to my computer.  It shows up as any other thumb drive would.  Recently this is not working.  Now the computer doesn't recognize the nook anymore and it shows as if two things have been connected - neither of which will open.  I get the message to "insert a disk into the drive"? I have tried other computers and the same thing is happening.


      Any ideas?

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          Right-click on "Computer" on your desktop. Click on "Manage"->"Disk Management". If the Nook shows up as a drive. Try re-mapping it to a different drive: Right-click on the Nook drive and click "Change drive letters and paths". Pick a letter other than one of you listed drives (say - X, Y or Z). Your Nook shouldm then show up on "My Computer"