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    Problem with In-Store reading at 555 Fifth Avenue, New York store

      I chose to purchase a Nook Color over a competing Android tablet solely due to the in-store reading feature. Big Mistake! Not only was there a defect in the screen, but the in-store reading feature hasn't been working at the midtown Manhattan store at 555 Fifth Avenue since last weekend when I bought it. Called 1-800-THE-BOOK. They were no help. Paul, the manager at the store, seemed indifferent about the feature not working. He kept repeating that it was a nationwide outage and seemed to cop an attitude with me. It's clear that BN has absolutely no interest in resolving customer service issues or technical issues related to the Nook. Will likely return the Nook and opt for an Android tablet or iPad. Before this experience, I was the biggest fan of the Nook. After this experience, I will NOT be recommending the Nook to anyone. Note I've spent over $300 on the device and accessories, plus several hundred dollars on Nook Books.