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    Excellent Handbrake Settings

      I've used this on both Blu-Ray rips and DVD Rips. Best video quality I've seen yet.







      If you want to be able to watch videos you currently own on your Nook Color, Handbrake provides some excellent solutions for you. Follow this guide to convert videos for Nook Color.
      You will first need to grab Handbrake and install it. If you would like to be able to preview the videos, before converting, then you will need to download the VLC software, a video player that is also open source. Next, follow these steps:
          * Run the Handbrake program.
          * In the presets area, choose High Profile.
          * On the Source button in the toolbar, load the video you want to convert from its stored location.
          * Click the Browse button to select the destination for the file you will be encoding.
          * Head to the Picture tab. You will then need to set the Anamorphic menu to reflect None. It's highly important, so be sure you have the setting correct.
          * In the Width box option, enter the number 720. Also check the Keep Aspect Ratio button.
      You should not need to set the Height filter, as it should automatically adjust to the correct setting for your Width selection.
      Halfway there!
          * Now head to the Video Filters tab. You will now need to set Decomb and Detelecine options to Off.
          * If you are going to be using a standard resolution video or DVD video, leave the Framerate option to reflect the same as the Source option. However, if your source is HD video, which is at minimum 60 frames per second (60fps), you will need to alter the Framerate to show 29.97.
          * Click the Audio tab. Check the number of tracks that appear. The ultimate goal is to have one track with the audio codec that will display as AAC if it is FAAC, and MP3 if using Lame.
          * Set Mixdown to Stereo.
          * Select the Samplerate as 48.
          * Set the Bitrate to 128.
      Almost Done!
          * Head to the Advanced tab and set the Maximum B-frames to 0.
          * Next, uncheck the CABAC Entropy Coding option, the Weighted P-Frames option, and the 8x8 Transform option.
          * Hit Start.
      Handbrake will now give you the estimation of time it will take to complete the encoding process.
      Once it is completed, you can copy your converted video to the NC by sending it to either the internal memory or by using an SD Card. If you want to be extra safe, check out the Preview option to be sure everything is okay before proceeding with the conversion, as the process may take up your computer's resources for an hour or more.



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          I've found the Decomb feature to be helpful.  It improves the "shredding" as the camera pans around.  Also, in Advanced, I've found that the NC can handle up to 6 reference frames.  You can also set up to 9 on the Subpixel ME & Mode Decision option.  I also set Uneven Hexagon and kept the default size of 16 in the resulting option box.


          With all this set, you can adjust the constant quality slider under the Video tab.  For a good compression/quality tradeoff, I like 29.  The quality is slightly blocky, but you get between 65 to 95 MB file size for a 45 minute show.


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            I tried those settings, but they did not work for me.


            Instead, I selected the IPhone and Ipod Touch preset and it worked flawlessly....



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              Here is what i use to put movies on the NC. http://www.dvdfab.com/hd-decrypter.htm http://www.winxdvd.com/landing/free-dvd-ripper-02.htm?gclid=CNjmjbLe3acCFQbCKgodDH9g8Q You use DVDfab to rip to hard drive, then you use the Win X to convert to a format that the Nook can read. here are the setting that i use on WinX There are several output options, you want to output in MP4: 1. Open the ripped DVD files using the 'DVD Path' button at the top of the screen. 2. Click on the 'to MP4' tab 3. Under 'Output settings', set 'Subtitle' to 'Disabled' (unless you want subtitles displayed when the movie is played). 4. Crank the volume slider to the right to get to +21db - makes the output louder with our small speaker. 5. Choose your video quality (I usually pick 1000-1500Kbps) and your output video size (I generally keep the original size) 6. Hit the 'Start' button
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                I've used these handbrake settings and used the iphone ipod touch and it works great.  The only complaint I have is the sound on the nook tablet.  I have to turn it up to the max volume in order to hear the movies.  Any suggestions, I am setting the audio as you mentioned in the pre sets for handbrake.  I am using a mac.  

                also another question, I used the same settings on a pc but it did not work. any thoughts?



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                  Thanks for these instructions. They are really helpful. One question...for one video, my nook tablet keeps saying "Sorry, cannot display this video" (or something to that effect). Handbrake completed the processing just fine, and I can watch the video on my computer, but not on the NT (from the micro sd card). Any ideas?