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    NookColor Battery issues

      So I've had my NookColor since Christmas--effectively 4 months.  Over the past month or two, I've noticed the battery is draining [i]really[/i] fast--I get less than 4 hours of use out of it, now, where I used to get 8. 


      Also, when I plug it in to charge, it charges to 95% and just stops.  And THAT is down from a previous 99, then 98%. 


      It's been plugged in for 4.5 hours now, charging from dead (l let it run all the way down, as this is generally advisable with Li-Ion batteries when having charging issues), and it's stopped at 95%.


      Anyone else have this problem?  Any suggestions?  It's unacceptable for the battery on this $250 machine to start going bad after a mere 4 months, especially since I can't replace it myself.



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          Yes, I just started having this problem .. as far as my NC reading the battery . I still get good reading time from it , in fact great reading time  .. but the battery would charge and reach 100% which basically always drops as soon as you disconnect the NC to 99% . Now it won't charge pass 97% , that tells me that something is not reading the battery correctly  . I am going to try to talk to CS and hopefully get someone who can really help me , My fear is that I too will start to see a decline in how many hours the battery last ... and yes I do understand how the NC has a safeguard for over charging .. but so do a lot of other products and they don't act this way . Hopefully I will get an answer soon or someone else on this  board has already gotten it and post it .

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            Yeah. Same issues for me too. Have had my NC since christmas also and now mine suddenly wont charge at all. When I'm trying to charge it it comes up with a red battery sign and says battery too low to power on wait 15 mins and try again. But it's been saying that for like a day now.

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                Mine keeps doing that too and at first I thought it was the charger, but when I bought a new one I plugged it in for like a day and a half checking it periodically...it still says "please plug in and wait 15 min"..I don't know what to do! Do yall think my NOOK Color is screwed up or is it the charger??? I am going to be so pissed if I lose all of my books because my NOOK wont turn on!!!

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                thegreyelf wrote:


                It's been plugged in for 4.5 hours now, charging from dead (l let it run all the way down, as this is generally advisable with Li-Ion batteries when having charging issues), and it's stopped at 95%.



                It actually specifies in the documentation not to let it run all the way down.


                I haven't noticed any change in the way mine hold a charge. I usually put it on the charger when the indicator goes red and leave it there overnight. It still goes to 99%.



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                  We are having problems charging my daughters NOOKcolor.  It's 4 months old.  I reset it thinking that would help but didn't.  The charger will show green while its plugged in even though its not charged.  It also wont recognize the charger as being plugged in.  Even more weird is that when you completely shut down the Nook and plug in the charger, the light is red.  When you power it back up it shows as being charged by a small percentage. 


                  I'm going to leave it that way for an hour and see if I power it back up what percentage it will show.  I'm beginning to think there's a short in the cord.  The tip isn't bent so I'm unsure. 


                  Any advice?

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                      having problem with my NC excepting a charge . at 23%, charge light stays green,but no charge progress. called tech support after much hassel and asking to speak to supervisor they said they'ed send me a new one. It's been almost 2 weeks even though they said 3-4 business days! I guess I forgot how to count :smileysad: 

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                      Hi All

                      Have had my NC since June 2011 and I'm on my THIRD one.  First one 'got wonky' - they replaced it with a refurbished unit - also wonky - then in August they replaced it with another brand NEW unit - I (STILL) love it, cust service was excellent and all is well--- EXCEPT the extraordinary battery drain- which, just lately, had been getting worse and WORSE.   Now I am thinking, it has to be ME--how can ALLLLL of these NC's be doing this same thing? No matter what I was doing to baby it and conserve the battery (all the usual things about keeping brightness low, turn off WIFI yada yada yada), INCLUDING completely shutting it down, nothing helped. I would charge it over night for example, up to 100% but by mid-morning without having used it at all, I would get an error message that said that there wasn't enough power left to (even) turn it on - try again after 15 minutes of charge. Note: the unit felt warm. Not overly warm but ...well.. warm.  This happened on my other two units also - until each one completely became unusable over time.. To cut to the chase : I believe it's the various COVERS. Has this happened to anyone else?  I have a beautiful Oberon leather cover but having tested  the NC with the cover completely off 100% of the time, the NC now charges quickly but I rarely have to charge it anymore! It now drains very slowly, normally, EVEN with the WIFI ON. It's incredible! Kind of depressing tho since I feel the unit is no longer protected and I LOVED the leather cover...  A friend decided to put her cover to the test also after hearing my story. Same thing. Without her cover her battery NOW holds a charge for a very long time - rarely needs re-charging.  Unlike my very heavy leather cover, she had just a normal B & N book type cover.  My daughter fares a little better because her cover is the B & N easel type which only covers the top edge, leaving the surrounding edges of the unit free.  Is there something to this, do you think? It was so remarkable especially after owning 3 different units, to find this out, that I had to share it. 

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                          I think that's a really interesting observation, and I hope other folks can take a run at looking at it.


                          My case is one I made myself, and I have not noticed an issue along these lines.


                          In my case, the back of the NC rests against canvas, which does not notably trap heat.   

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                            I have not seen this problem, but I did have a leather B&N cover for a breif period.  I returned it overnight, because it touched the surface of the Nook's touch screen.  That created two issues for me:


                            • After a period of use of the Nook, there is finger oil that gets transferred to the surface of the screen.  When there is only a moderate amount of finger oil, it's pretty much unnoticable, UNLESS there's some sort of pattern in the oil.  Well, the leather cover created an annoying pattern in the finger oil (OK, so I'm picky).
                            • The possibiility that grit or dirt might get on the cover and/or screen, and the motion of the two would scratch the screen.


                            Now, I did not consider the possiblity that the cover contacting the screen could be misinterpreted by the hardware as finger actions, which might activate the software to do something.


                            Who know is this was your problem.  It's just a thought.


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                              Thanks for sharing the info re big thick covers. Makes sense and I will not use a cover for a while and see if my battery drains slower. Now I've got to stop tripping and spilling coffee and dropping things.......

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                                  That's an interesting thought about the covers. I have noticed my NC getting warm at times as well and my battery life seems less since I got the leather cover. I will give in a try without the cover to see if I get any imporvement. Thanks for the tip...

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                                      i didn't read through everyone's post so sorry if my question has been answered.  i want to leave my NC powered off and on shelf for 2-3 months.  i shouldn't lose what's on the disk (right?) but does anyone know if this total drain of the battery will cause the thing to "revert" to factory settings and i'd have to re-register and download all apps and books?  thanks for any practical insight or educated guesses!

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                                  I had a problem after two months with a refurbished nook color, it ran out of battery, and left it charging overnight but it never turned on. I went to a barnes and noble, talked to customer service, and they were helpful and talk directly to BN over the phone. We waited 15 minutes to see if the nook would charge with their chord, and after calling second time, BN told the customer representative to give me another nook color. So after half an hour I left with a new nook.