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    NOOK Color Keeps Freezing

      I am experiencing issues where my screen won't recognize commands

      on the touch screen.   The solution working is turning the power off by holding

      the power button. However this is a quick fix and not taking care of the long term issue happening every day.   I have the latest version 1.1.0

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          Please try doing a soft reset.


          Here's the instructions:



          1. Hold the NOOKcolor’s “Power” button down until a pop-up window appears.  The pop-up window will ask you if “you want to turn your device completely off”. 
          2. Tap “Power Off” to confirm. 
          3. Once your NOOKcolor is completely powered off, hold down the “Power” button again to restart the device. 
          4. Allow a minute for your device to start up. 
          5. You have now successfully completed a Soft Reset.   
          Let us know if it fixed the problem.
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              My first Nook froze up and the screen didn't respond after only having it less than 24 hours.  B&N exchanged it.  I've had the new one for 3 months.  It downloaded the new update automatically with no problems.  Now it is 3 months old and it was hibernating randomly, then it's telling me that it's trying to download an update and that the update failed and it's flashing the screen on & off with the error.  I'm going to do a soft & hard reset to try to restore it.  Otherwise I guess I'll have to call the warranty #.  I love my Nook Color & tell everyone about it, but this is very frustrating.