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    Last Page Sync Problems

      I have the NOOKcolor and the nook PC app and the Android nook app. I have a book I am reading mainly on the color. When I go to the library and hit the sync button it doesn't give any errors, but when I then go to the PC or Android apps and sync I am not taken to the last page read on the color. The same things happens in reverse.


      So I did a google search and found someone posting that you have to not only go to the library, but actually switch to a different book and read it, then go to the library and hit sync and THEN when I go to the PC app and sync I am taken to the last page read.


      Can someone tell me if this is by design or if this is going to be fixed?


      It would be nice if it was like other eReaders (whos names I won't mention) that simply sync when your device sleeps or in the case of the PC app just before you close the app and then no matter what other device or app you pick up as soon as you open the book or even come up from sleep it detects that you are further along on a different device and asks if you want to go to that further location.

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          Or since the NC is small and portable and meant to be used on the go - why read off a tiny little phone screen or your PC? Just read on the NC.

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            Well, I read so very much that sometimes I read while standing in line at the store or for a few minutes here and there where my nook is not with me. In cases like that I want to read on my Android phone using the nook reader app for Android.


            On the PC it is because I am in the middle of doing some work and have to wait for my computer to process something that will take 5-10 minutes. Rather than pick up my nook I just have the app open on my desktop and read there.


            I appreciate your encouragement to always read on the nook and most of the time do, but there are some times when my nook is not handy and would still like to be able to sync.


            I hate to mention it here, but the Kindle apps do a fantastic job of syncing and the experience is great from that point of view. Everything else about the nook readers is better than Kindle, but syncing the Kindle wins. Good thing that is not the main feature to evaluate on :-)

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              ...same problem here...I use the nook app on my droidx. the sync stopped working between my nook original and the droidx, probably my toshiba thrive too, but I haven't checked it yet. Can someone at B&N look into this? it's rather frustrating.