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    Change wireless MTU size on Nook Color??

      In my home, websites fail to load, downloads frequently fail, and the Pandora app fails after a few minutes.  I know that my DSL requires reducing the MTU size from the standard 1500 to 1350 on all of our devices.  I'm certain that I need to reduce the MTU size on my Nook but can't figure out how.  Please help.


      I see a lot of frustrated postes regarding Wi-Fi connectivity, and I'd be willing to bet that a large number of the problems could be resolved with an MTU adjustment.  Speed, broacast SSID, and security settings are not the cause for wireless connectivity problems.

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          I dont believe the MTU can be changed on the Nookcolor. Have not heard this mentioned til you posted. Do your router specs list a max MTU?  


          There have been a large number of people here and on other boards having connectivity issues. Most of the people here have been able to make changes in their router and get it working. Some I'm sure are still fighting with it. 


          Would be could info to know. I guess E-mailing the manufacturer would be one way to get it.


          I Found a "contact us" e-mail on the foxconn website.


          I am gonna send an e-mail to WebAdmin@foxconn.com and see what I get. I'll post responce.