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    Video Conversion For NC Simplified (PC)

      There's a VERY informed technical discussion about converting/encoding video for NC here.


      However, I have put a couple of videos on my NC successfully without any trouble at all.


      I use Freeware called Any Video Converter from time to time when I want to put video on my iPod Classic . . . and now the NC.


      I simply use the Profile "Customized MP4 Movie", (click on the right side) set the Frame Size to 720x576, set "Encode Pass" to 2 (for higher quality) and click Convert.


      Pink Floyd at Pompeii, The Making of Darkside of the Moon and a clip starring Eva Angelina all looked and sounded great.


      The only thing I can advise the novice user is that it looks like this software (and probably others like it) is going to use as much of your PC's resources as it can to do the conversion. I have a Quad-Core 64-bit (Win 7) system with 8GB of RAM, and the conversion uses all four cores @ 100% . . . If I try and do something else with my PC while I'm converting it'll work, but the conversion and everything else slows down.

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          If the converter has a setting for Apple TV High Quality, choose that one.  ALSO...when you add it to Itunes, it will convert it once...which is pretty quick.  If that file (should be in Movies under ITunes folder where you have files saved) is giving you problems, or won't open, click on the file in the Itunes program ONCE, and go to Advanced in the File Menu.  Click on Create Apple TV Version.  This further encodes it for you.  I had this problem in the beginning.  The program above will work just fine to get it converted to mp4 for you though