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    home screen problem after rooting

      After rooting, an error message pops up on the home screen. The home screen then flashes, the message goes away and then the home screen keeps flashing until I hit the tab on the bottom and go somewhere (anywhere that isn't the home screem). Then it's fine, but every time I hit the n to return to the home screen, the error message pops up, the screen flickers again...


      anyone else have this problem?


      Here's the message:


      initial loading from media provide failed

      Additional information: no such column; thumbnail_url:while compiling: SELECT_id, thumbnail_url; cover_image_url; ean, title, author, lending state,is_unlendable, is_recommended, is_new, is_sample, launcher_type, product_type, product_ean, path_to_file, order_no, date_last_accessed FROM actve_shelf

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          Technically when you 'root' your NC, your warranty becomes void and B&N is not responsible for any issues. So, this is not the best place to expect answers on a rooted device. You'll have better luck if you post it in forums such as xda-developers.


          You can also Google for information on how to 'restore' your NC to a stock or factory image. There are a number of sites that have the information. If you like you can then leave things as is, or attempt rooting again.