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    can't get to Facebook

      Until yesterday, I could login to the Internet and go anywhere (as it should be). Yesterday, I tried to check my facebook, and get nothing but a blank page. I can see the Facebook frame (for those who know a bit about web design, you'll know what I mean), but no content.


      I can click the login button to login, it accepts my username and password, refreshes like it's logging me in, then I get the empty frame. I see the (touch) link for Inbox, Home, Profile, Friends, etc., but that's it. I can't click on any of that. I tried clicking on 'Full Site' but still nothing!


      I can go everywhere else, (Barnes and Noble), school, work, just no Facebook. I am using my personal (protected) wifi, I am the owner/administrator, no changes have been made. Anyone have any ideas, solutions?