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    NookColor -- web password

      Not sure if my dentist playing with my Nook Color at my last appointment had anything to do with it or not....but today I tried to connect to the web and it wants a password.  Never put one in and never used one before..... now what do I do??? 

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          Try going to the Wireless settings and click on your wireless network.  It's probably remembered the last network, which is the Dental office, and that needs a password.


          You can tell it to forget that connection and re-connect with your non-password protected

          wifi network at home.

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            Well, after about 6 hours of reading here and checking my wireless printer, etc...I finally went to

            AT&T t find out what a WEP was and found the numbers I needed right on my router....and it worked....I still do not know why it was locked.... after I put in that password I didn't need to do it again....and all is well....

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              Your dentist might have accidentally clicked on the "Forget" option when selecting a network that the NC remembers. If that happens and you try to connect to the same connection again, NC will act as if it is a new connection and will ask for the setting information (such as password). This probably was what happened.


              Other possibility is that you might have changed your router settings to go from "Open" or unprotected network which does not need a password to "WEP", which requires a password