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    UK User with Wi-Fi Connection Problems.

      Hi there,just got my Nook Color this week.

      Brilliant in all ways,except in my house it will not connect to my Netgear router.Well,it doesn't even find it when it scans for Wi-Fi.....I have tried every which way concoction of router settings,WEP,etc etc.Still the NC does not "see" the Netgear.Now, I took the NC around to my sisters house and she has a "Belkin" router and the NC picked it up no trouble.I completed my registration that way.Today I took my NC to a friends house and he has a more "up to date" Netgear router than mine.....No,the NC didn't find that as well.It found about 10 neighbours routers,but not his! I am completely baffled...Any suggestions?

      Thanks for your time.